Tobi Leach

His silky, straight, medium-length hair is the color of fresh blood, and is worn in an utilitarian style. He is very short and has a feminine build. His skin is china-white. He has a high forehead and a pointed chin.



Str: 11 HP: 12
Dex: 15 Defense: 17
Con: 13 Reputation: 1
Int: 16 Fort: 2
Wis: 19 Ref: 3
Cha: 12 Will: 5


Born on a small night planet of Cortul Nine, I was raised by my nanny till the age of eight were my parents thought it was smarted to send me to a prep school. They chose to send me to IPMA (Intergalactic Police Military Academy), there I was raised to be an upstanding member of the community. In just two short years I exelled above the students in all my studies, I was never really the physical type but what I lacked in strength I made up for in intelect. by the age of 14 I was transfed to the Crysalis Corp Science academy From there I trained the best I could for the next three years in everything I could, there I met a man whos impression told me he was a man with a painful past and was looking to make something of himself. I quickly befriended this man by the name of Krithe Galo, with him at my side pushing me we would do amazing things. After we met we got split almost instantly but by fate we met up again after transferring to the Fatur R&D Center were both Krithe and me moved up in rank him a sergeant and me gaining the rank of luitenant. After many of missions we ended up on one mission were the end factor led Krithe and me in front of the director were a new yet wonderful adventur begins.

Tobi Leach

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