Christopher Spence

Haellian Officer- Age:38 Ht: 5'6" Wt: 254 lbs. Hair: Blonde/balding Eyes: Brown



Drive +3
Knowledge(Civics) +6
Listen +12
Sense Motive +7
Spot +8
Survival +8
Treat Injury +7


Str: 11 HP: 20
Dex: 14 Defense: 16
Con: 16 Reputation: 0
Int: 12 Fort: 5
Wis: 17 Ref: 2
Cha: 9 Will: 4


Christopher Spence is an aging officer in the Haellian Cortek Regiment, a specific security division governing Haeller’s Cortek Sector. In his younger years, he earned several commendations for bravery under fire when he while defending the Cortek Sector from a crime syndicate known as the Dragoons, who were attempting to riot the sector into anarchy. Open fighting on Haeller between the security forces and syndicate criminals would last for 4 years. After the syndicate was defeated, Haeller enjoyed a relatively crime-free decade, and security forces, though necessary to keep the peace, certainly weren’t revered as the ’people’s militia’ they were during the anarchic terror inspired by the syndicate.

Spence was unconvinced that the Dragoons had disappeared entirely, sure that the shadowy group had merely receded into the Haellian underworld. Over the next decade, he would relentlessly seek to root them out, but came up with little more than conspiracy theories, earning him a reputation for ‘paranoia’. Other officers grew to despise him, often referring to him in hushed tones as ‘a man who can’t accept a peaceful Haeller’.

This would lead to Spence to frequently be abandoned, or to abandon partners. His solitude would be replaced by a young informant named Sebastian O’Connor, who would help Spence solve a slew of crimes and earn him several commendations in the process. O’Connor, who is leading a colonization effort to Aldebaran 4, chose Spence as his second-in-command and head of security for the highly anticipated venture, which he accepted without delay.

Christopher Spence

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