Burt Maxwell

6ft 173 lbs, with a touch of genius. Blonde hair and blue eyes.



Computer Use +10
Craft (Mechanical) +13
Craft (Electronic) +11
Craft (Chemical) +7
Demolitions +7
Drive +9
Hide +5
Knowledge(Technology) +7
Knowledge(Physical Sciences) +7
Navigate +9
Repair +9
Research +9
Search +9

Smart/Fast 2/1

Str: 14 HP: 19
Dex: 16 Defense: 17
Con: 15 Reputation: 1
Int: 17 Fort: 2
Wis: 14 Ref: 4
Cha: 12 Will: 4


Born and raised on Haeller in a industrial complex, Burt has always had a affinity for electronics. When he was only 6 years old he build his first robot from parts laying around. While in school he was top of his class finishing electrical engineering, chemistry, and physics all with honors. During his schooling Burt came across a strange character by the name of Sebastian, who worked with him in his many projects. Once Burt graduated, he quickly found himself the prize of Haeller. With the military contracts rolling in he was selected to partake in a mission to Aldebaran. His knowledge of electronics and chemistry got him the spot on SHARP’s science team. With the ability to choose his own people he decided that he was enough smarts for the mission bringing his friend Issac for protection. Burt doesn’t know what he will find on his journey, but hopes to find the next big thing in science to bring home.

Burt Maxwell

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