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  • KAT 3100

    The KAT 3100 is a catch all designation for customized weapons created for special operatives. No KAT 3100 is alike and none can be purchased from KAT. Only those who are given one by the USF Military can use them as they are gene coded for each specific …

  • KAT 3009

    The KAT 3009 is a modification of the 3007 basic pistol to fire in three round burst mode. It also has a larger magazine to allow a more constant rate of fire. A butt stock can be attached for more controlled fire.

  • KAT 3012

    A modified version of the KAT 3007, the 3012 was made compact for use in closed in environments and for clandestine operations.

  • KAT 3017

    The KAT 3017's massive bullet and high rate of fire makes it a very sought after weapon on all human worlds.

  • KAT 3030

    The KAT 3030 is a more basic version of the Klepp "Enforcer", it is the only truly mass produced laser pistol.

  • KAT 5057

    The backbone of the USF army, the KAT 5057 saw extensive use during the succession wars where it earned a reputation for being easily customized.

  • KAT 5047

    The KAT 5047 is a hunting rifle derived from a very old simi-auto rifle. It is popular with both hunters and scouts.

  • KAT 5050

    The KAT 5050 was designed to fill the role as a sniper weapon in the USF military forces during the succession wars.

  • KAT 5060

    The KAT 5060 was designed as a civilian target rifle and became popular for its high degree of customization and from how easy it was to acquire.

  • KAT 5065

    The KAT 5065 was developed during the succession wars as an effective boarding weapon that would cause maximum damage to ship crews without causing serious damage to the ship or causing an accidental hull breach.

  • KAT 2020

    The KAT 2020 is a very basic dual-action shotgun. It is able to fire a very wide variety of shells

  • KAT 4036

    The KAT 4036 is a very simple SMG that is both cheap and easy to produce.

  • KAT 4040

    The KAT 4040 is a lightweight SMG that is often favored by bodyguards.

  • KAT 4048

    The KAT 4048 is a more advanced SMG generally used by elite police forces.

  • KAT 4055

    The KAT 4055 was developed for the [[United Solar Federation|USF]] during the succession wars. Its long range and armor piercing capabilities made it an ideal weapon.

  • KAT 6057

    The KAT 6057 is a modified version of the 5057 which incorporates a heavier barrel, and bipod. It was designed as a light squad support weapon.

  • KAT 6060

    The KAT 6060 is the standard machine gun of the [[United Solar Federation|USF]]. It can be modified for many purposes from assault, to point defense, to a vehicle mounted weapon.

  • KAT 7050

    The KAT 7050 is capable of destroying most light vehicles and damaging many heavier ones. It also has use as a counter sniper weapon due to its longer range.

  • KAT 8042

    The KAT 8042 is the standard heavy machine gun attached to many vehicles. The weapon is so large and heavy that to use it otherwise requires a crew operating it from a tripod.

  • KAT 9088

    The KAT 9088 is a revolutionary hand held rocket launcher. Being the size of a large pistol, it is able to fire a wide variety of different rockets. Because of the advanced technologies required to make this weapon it is only produced in one plant and its …