Krithe Galo

He has deep blue eyes with a distant, detached gaze. His short black hair is in a military cut. He has a broad shouldered build. His nose is broken and his face is covered in scars.


Tough 3

Str: 17 HP: 40

Dex: 14 Defense: 18

Con: 18 Reputation: 1

Int: 13 Fort: 6

Wis: 12 Ref: 3

Cha: 10 Will: 1


born on the small colony of Faltera Omega, I was raised by my father for the first 8 years of my life. On my 8th birthday my father went missing and later found dead with a gun shot wound to the head, I swore I would get my revenge. From that day on I spent my life fighting to survive; fight after fight, after fight. I started loving the life of blood on my sleeve and scars on my face till one day a CC (Chrysalis Corp) Recruiter saw me fighting on the street and offered to put my skills to a better use. At the age of 17 I joined there training program, quickly I gained fame and respect among my peers and two months after my training started I was stationed at the Fatur R&D Center were I met a friend I had met in training; Mr. Toby Leach a smaller more noble man with much to look forward to in life, and with him at my side we both rose the ranks at CC, me reaching sergeant and him my second lieutenant from there we became the go-to team for all missions and soon after a rouge mission at the R&D center we found ourselves in front of the director of security himself and this my friends is were our story begins.

Krithe Galo

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