Issac Hobbs



Str: 17 HP: 19
Dex: 14 Defense: 17
Con: 15 Reputation: 0
Int: 12 Fort: 4
Wis: 12 Ref: 2
Cha: 12 Will: 1


I’ve been on this rock Haeller for just about 5 years now. I’ve been here with this Maxwell character who seems a bit of a crazy person, always rambling on about circuits and gizmos. I’m here as the SHARP military, finding this job after the succession wars ended. They are going to send me down to this rock known as Aldebaran 4 to look for a ways to colonize it. I don’t think the leader of my team is so much looking to colonize it as he is to find more technology. Ever since I’ve come to this Haeller all the people here seem to do nothing but research! I hope this mission pays well since we’ll be there for quite some time.

Issac Hobbs

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