Suspicious involvement [AGENDA]

Sebastian O'Connor

Ongoing suspicion regarding Sebastian O’Connor
Report conducted by: [CLASSIFIED]- USF Infocyte

Recently, Officer Christopher Spence filed a report to Haellian authorities in regards to the tracking of a suspected serial killer. In Spence’s report, he identifies O’Connor as a ‘private informant’ with whom he has worked with in the past. He also claims in the report that O’Connor is incredibly bright, with a calculating instinct bordering on ‘precognition’.

The duo tracked the suspect to an abandoned warehouse by means currently unknown to the USF, but Spence’s description of the scene was mortifying. Apparently, the serial killer was targeting victims with a rare genetic mutation, the details of which are classified, and experimenting on them in ways that would better be described as torture.

When the two attempted to apprehend the perpetrator, O’Connor attempted to talk him down, offering him a chance to come peacefully, but the suspect had no intention of going quietly. Instead he fought to the bitter end. In the report, Spence claims ‘[He] knew we were coming …’ By what means the suspect knew of their immanent arrival has yet to be discovered.

A savage firefight broke out in the abandoned warehouse, with O’Connor and Spence both taking injuries from a weapon which was never recovered. Spence claimed that the weapon was electrical, though it was either too small to see, or it’s discharge was too bright to recognize it’s shape. The weapon used is listed in the report as ‘Not Recovered’.

The fight ended when O’Connor saw the perpetrator attempting to flee up a ladder, and placed a shot in his spinal column. Spence stated that the criminal was dead before he hit the ground. The body of the killer was taken in for an autopsy, but the manner in which he died remains open to discussion, as it was ruled that the perpetrator did not die from a gunshot wound, but something else entirely that has, of course, been deemed classified.

S.H.A.R.P. has classified the case as ‘Primary Level Intelligence’, which is the highest encryption level in regards to classification.


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