First two weeks on Aldebaran

Burt Maxwell

Quinmont 4 (day 1 on planet) Decided to take a trip up to the forest and found a nasty spider. After Sybil sliced in clean in two we decided to get on to cutting wood. After we found the cut wood was bleeding we decided to head back to camp and have the medic look at it. He found that it was quite useful as a water soluble band-aid per say. After we found this out we set out for more wood, but being the geek that I am I turned back to work on my robots sensors.

Quinmont 5 (day 2 on planet) Started off with sending the people off to collect some lumber, worked on robot till dusk. Around dusk I decided to scan the ground for minerals, and found that I had crumbly granite below my feet.

Quinmont 6 (day 3 on planet) Took a trip to the crater today and found some sort of crystal, will have to take it back to base to see what it is. On the way here we found some strange looking lizard cows. Once we returned it was off to travel around the base to see what wildlife we can find. We were able to get us a tiny dinosaur, will take back to base to analyze. While we were out the men were able to gather some more lumber and the others started building a warehouse.

Quinmont 7 (Day 4 on planet) Took a trip to the sea today to collect water. Found some crabs. Collected water. Fed lizard. Built more warehouse.

Quinmont 8 (Day 5 on planet) Almost finished working on warehouse, found a pond to pipe water to base. Did some work on the robots sensors and we need to find something to do with this lizard in the storage room. Need to dig a trench to the pond so pipe will not freeze.

Quinmont 9 (Day 6 on planet) Spent some time with our captive lizard, and found that it isn’t hostile and eats more than I feel it’s worth to keep it. So I released the lizard and cleaned up the storage room. The digging team made it about 1.5 miles today and setup the pump to the pond. Had a crab dinner and made no progress on the robot.

Quinmont 10 (day 7 on planet) Frank and I decided to move the wood into the warehouse, and the team finished the pipeline. We now have running water and less stench.

Quinmont 11 (day 8 on planet) Traveled to crater and collected rocks, while there found a giant scorpion that was half eaten. Had the builders draw up a design for a concrete plant. Also had the robot do sweeps of the area outside of the base hoping to find some sort of nearby alloys. To my displeasure he found no such thing. Had an end of week meeting and discussed priorities, need to travel more into crater, crab traps, better building materials, and finally more exploration on the sea and maybe some crab traps.

Quinmont 12 (day 9 on planet) Took a walk to check on the pump and found some humanoid things that were pretty short and far away and were holding clubs. They didn’t seem hostile so we continued our walk and called it in to Clarissa to keep an eye out for them and not to engage unless engaged. Looked around the area around the pump and found that when winter ends we should have quite a bit of wildlife to research and hopefully forage. Also sent the people to work on the concrete plant, and some people to collect wood and sent Frank with them to try and collect the sap for research. The geologist stayed at the base and found nothing on the crystals.

Quinmont 13 (day 10 on planet) Same people building, gathering wood, but changed Brian for Sybil. Sent Briand and Issac on the pump trail to check on things and try and track for any more of the humanoids. I stayed at base and built some crab traps for dinner. Geologist found the crystals mixed with Iron would create a nice alloy of steel.

Quinmont 14 (day 11 on planet) Boring day. Set up traps, sent robot to survey the crater since he can fly. People gathered wood, built more concrete plant and I made another 4 crab traps. Scout and Issac found were the humanoid boats were landing at.

Quinmont 15 (day 12 on planet) Another boring day. Decided to draw up design for a fishing boat. Sent everyone else to do the same things they have been doing. Got 22 crabs, and robot picked up a crystal and found that the desert would be the best place to quarry for rock for the concrete.

Quinmont 16 (day 13 on planet) Found one crab trap missing, taken by the humanoids. Robot found a crystal and brought it back. Medic made some more salve stuff, and asked for us to go fight shit for some meat or something. And we worked on the boat and the plant for today, nothing really interesting.

Quinmont 17 (day 14 on planet) Sent few people on a hunt and they ran into some scrats and killed 2 and captured one of them. Continued construction on boat and on concrete facility. Cooking Scrat and Crab for dinner.

Quinmont 18 (day 15 on planet) Sent Issac, Sybil, Danny, and Frank out to collect some rocks with some TNT. Almost finished the boat and was attacked by Scrats, finished one of them off, but the other got away. Made some progress on the plant, need to finish it soon so I can start on a barracks. Also robot was surveying the crater basin and found that there are WAY more of the crystals inside the crater than outside.

Quinmont 19 (day 16 on planet) Finished both the plant and the boat. Sent the military personnel to gather some rock and were attacked by spiders. They dispatched the spiders with no damage to themselves, and were able to collect some rock for the barracks.

Quinmont 20 (day 17 on planet) Woke up sick as all hell, and decided to take a day off. Had the crew make some blocks and build the crane I had Cynthia and Leon work on the previous day. Will try and get better to work on the mecha soon. Also sent robot to craters center to try and find the meteorite that impacted there.


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