Issac thought I was not worthy of his companionship, so he sent me to a backwater desert world to get plans for a thruster that was stolen. I got there and dropped in through a ventilation shaft all stealth like.
Once inside I found a security guard eyeing the cameras through the monitor, so I creeped behind him and failed my assassination attempt. No one seemed to notice though, because I found no resistance. After dispatching the guard I hacked the computer and unlocked a door and disconnected the cameras and a motion sensor. I left the room and traveled down a hall to a large room where I found another guard whom I shot and killed with little resistance. I traveled down to another hall where I found the data for a tranquilizer formula, and turned around to find another guard who got me pretty good. After a bout ending with pain, a dead robot, and dead guard. I found the data for the thrusters and decided to look around for some more loot. Instead of loot I found myself a prisoner with a neural scrambler on her head. I took the scrambler off and found her name was Sybil Hyde, and we were off to the hanger wherer I found a large mecha. I climbed in and we made it out, and I got me some mecha parts.


evilteddymaster evilteddymaster

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