Desert Fiasco

50XX ENTRY ONE: 2237
Our first day on this god forsaken training mission we got our command center set up and a few of our side building being set up. So far this barren desert shows nothing special in my book my second in command Tobi has proven to be a reliable asset in dealing with the rest of the team, we have the rest of the security detail working on shifts in the tower few complaints but I’ve taken care of them. Nothing to report yet so this will end my first entry god hopes this month moves quick.

50XX ENTRY SIX: 1518
After we have done a few search’s around the area we came across a small group of chem. dogs nothing to big just a couple pups but were there are the pups there is normally a mommy somewhere no sign but around somewhere we have also located a small mine to the north were a few of our engineers have moved out day by day to mine for minerals, one of our scientist have found trace of several resources which our vital for mission. We have set up three small workshops for our workers to convert a lot of out raw minerals to usable materials. Our security team is getting restless and it’s only been a week fucking newbie’s I hate them all one day soon hopefully we will pop there cherries.

One of our searches has come up with tracks of other humans we didn’t know if they were friendly or bullet sponges for our grunts. Lo and behold that night we were engaged by bandits at night trying to steal our materials we managed to take out a couple of them before they ran off we’ve up security since then and are now taking things a little more seriously.

We were attacked again tonight this time they managed to sabotage one of our trucks out mechanical engineers managed to jimmy rig it back up there starting to get more and more ballsy when it comes to their raids they almost made off with a load of our silver and charcoal but again our tower is some damn good shots racking up kills earlier today though we got a call from the camp at the mine saying they noticed some new movement on the mountain about them me and Tobi made our way up the mine were I took a nice pop shot at his leg blowing it clean off by now it’s clear were not the only ones here and they have a reasonable force to deal with.

We decided last night we needed to take the fight to them just so we can complete our fucking mission so me and three of our able men took our truck to the last place we haven’t looked the hills to the west were upon survey we noticed a small encampment not seeing any enemies we decided to move up it just sucks that two of our men are in the med center for wounds from the past encounter. We moved up to a hill of dirt unnoticed.

That was a stupid move on my part to try and start a journal on a mission but man was it a fun mission we noticed a sentry on the hill were one of gunmen took him out alerting the rest of those fuckers now the fun begins we were sorta surrounded but a few dead bodies and one grenades sent them packing we must of took out at least six before they started to move I managed to lob a grenade into the back of their truck but the quick fuckers managed to get it back out of the truck but not soon enough the blast took out from what I can tell was I say two more and wounding the other three in the back. After they ran off with their poor ass tails between their legs we swept the camp coming to find two scientist’s who were there no more than a month before us letting us know that the mine was the only source of minerals in this desert so with the bandits gone and all other threats gone we can finally complete our mission.

With the bandits dealt with me and some of the guys decided to make one more drive around the area after noticing a small group of chem. Dogs heading to what looked like a small clearing into one of the mountains so we loaded up and headed out to see what we could find we pulled up to what looked like a small cave or den then we slowly approached making our way into the cave we heard the little fuckers and one that sounded like the mommy so as we slowly moved about piles of bones and flesh one of the little fucker jumped out and bit my leg alerting the rest so I shoved my rifle to his head and blew it brains out then one of my men took a leap of faith and lobbed a grenade at the rest of the group making there way towards us taking them all out except the mom who was hurt pretty bad from what we could see so I aimed and blew her brains out at well and then after they we were done we inspected the cave to find a bunch of chem. eggs and headed back to base to finish up this month in six days.

The mine is all but cleaned out we managed to heal all workers and soldiers so that gave us the extra man power to pack up and finish cleaning up so all the materials have been converted, me and the men are ready to get the fuck out of here I could use a nice joint and go sweet piece of ass. As I promised all my men for taking out the bandits and completing the mission I promised them the first couple rounds on me so my next entry should be my last.

After debriefing the director and unpacking me and the boys hit up bar on a well deserved 3 day pass waiting for our next briefing. DAY TWO- Man I do not remember last night but waking up next to a sweet sweet Cortulla my god I sure had a good night lighting up my first one of the day I eat breakfast and get ready for a day with Tobi, with both of us pretty much having no family he’s the only one to keep me on my toes so while we were enjoying our lunch when a important sit rep came into our chips me and Tobi got to go bags and headed to hear the director.


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