PERSONAL LOG 1.2 -- Sebastian O'Connor

PERSONAL LOG ENTRY 215-B S.H.A.R.P. Agent Sebastian O’Connor ETC [designation ‘ALDEBARAN’] Quinmont 6

I woke up far too early. Aldebaran is alive, in every sense of the word. The strange, early-morning reptilian howls will take some getting used to, and I’m not the only one. The others woke up fatigued as well. Most had dark circles under the eyes, were lethargic and drained. Until a better solution comes about I’ve advised the team to look for a decent material that could be fashioned into ear-plugs.

With a full day ahead of us I organized a brief at HQ with plenty of warm coffee to combat the fatigue. Since clean drinking water is still our number one priority, I organized the most able-bodied diggers into a rotation to keep fresh arms digging the impromptu aqueduct. Lumber would be required to fashion the duct itself so my second order of the day was an expedition to the forests south-east of Alpha.

Myself, Hodges, Sparks, and the unnamed, hulking trooper would venture into the forests while Spence and Mimi would manage the camp in my absence. We loaded up the supplies: saws, winches, pulleys, levels, and other tools to which I can only guess the function of. To Sparks, the supplies were like old friends. I caught him smiling at a saw blade, thumbing the teeth to ensure its sharpness. He is a curious man Sparks, but his expertise is more than valued.

We jumped in the A.T.O.M. and headed south-east over a flat expanse covered in stalk-like grasses. A number of the tank like reptiles we had previously viewed at the waters edge were grazing.

‘Slow down.’ I had said to Hodges, who was driving the transport. He did, gradually. We marveled at the beasts for a moment.

Even the hard-ass heavy trooper stared from the viewport, wide-eyed. His unkempt hair, black with sparse gray along his sideburns was like a black lion’s mane resting upon his broad shoulders. His beard was in much the same shape: long, ragged, coal black. Scars from battles long since past decorated his cheekbones and forehead. His eyes were perhaps his most disarming quality, black as the cosmos, like massive pupils. I judged this a fine moment to introduce myself; the spectacle was subduing his callous cynicism, and that seemed to me a rare occurrence.

‘Beautiful aren’t they?’ I began, approaching his viewport to stare alongside him. He stiffened. His face dropped the glazed look and regarded me with those cold, black-holes for eyes.

‘Majestic, sir,’ he responded without even so much as a hint of a smile His voice was low and dry, like ash.

‘A better word, I agree. Majestic. We haven’t yet been introduced. Sebastian O’Connor,’ I said, holding out the proffered hand.

‘Warren, sir. Emmet Warren.’ He saluted rigidly.

‘Emmet, lose that stiff salute and shake my hand, damn you.’ I knew it was a risk, but I put every bit of stern inflection into my voice to attempt to win him over. It worked. He looked shocked. A small smile appeared on his scared lips. I was smiling too, I realized. He finally released his right hand, which had been previously glued to the trigger of his light-machine gun and shook my hand with a crushing grip.

‘Good to meet you, sir.’

‘Likewise.’ I said, hiding a wince at how tightly my hand was being gripped. He released it after a second or two and returned his hand to the comfort of the trigger.

‘Is your right index-finger married to that trigger Emmet?’ I laughed.

‘Till death do us part,’ he responded, joining in with a hearty chuckle.

PERSONAL LOG -- Sebastian O'Connor

PERSONAL LOG ENTRY 212-B S.H.A.R.P. Agent Sebastian O’Connor ETC (designation ‘ALDEBARAN’) Quinmont 5

After a restless two weeks in orbit above designation ‘Aldebaran,’ our team was given clearance to shuttle to the planet’s verdant surface. Thundering through the upper atmosphere, the shuttle broke the dense cloud cover to reveal our long awaited prize, the ‘new world.’

Drop point ‘Alpha,’ as is been deemed, is situated in the equatorial jungles of a currently undesignated land mass. Our pre-fabricated HQ building was placed prior to our drop. The choice was a clear, grassy expanse bordered by mountains to the north and fresh natural reservoirs to the south. Forested regions of varying density surround the site, which should provide excellent lumber yields.

About an hour after touchdown, I organized the team. Overall morale was variant. Some we’re excited, smiling, weeping and hugging. Others we’re nervous, displaced.

The military units I had enlisted some months prior to the voyage remained implacably stoic, holding their weapons low, but holding them still, as if expecting the enemy at any moment. The scientists and engineers of my retinue were unnerved by the soldiers’ grim attitudes, by their precision and attentiveness. I quickly took their eyes and minds from the guns with a playful joke, nudge, or handshake; whatever I felt was needed.

As if on cue, our first sighting of life on Aldebaran came. ‘Up high!’ Spence had shouted. Christopher Spence, my second-in-command, is the oldest person I can call friend; both in the sense that I have known him a long time and that he’s an old bastard on the worse side of thirty. Still, the man has eyes like a hawk.

I looked up to see a silhouette against the yellow sun; my heart sank. The soldiers leveled their weapons to the sky. I forced my own fear down, in an attempt to set an example for the rest. I spoke with a calm yet forceful tone. ‘Hold fire, it is too high.’

‘What is it?’ Whispered my talented protégé Mimi Morishi. There was no sense in lying to the crew. The reptile shrieked, it was flying north at an altitude of 600-800m.

‘A pterosaur, or ptero-dac-tyl as it’s sometimes mentioned in older texts. Bones of these flying reptiles were found on Earth and coveted as relics of a prehistoric time. Perhaps this planet supports a topography and climate like that of Earth those hundreds of millions of years prior to our evolution.’

At this point, I finally took my eyes off the sailing raptor to realize the entire crew was staring at me. ‘What? Just a theory.’ I had said with a smile. That got a good laugh, even the soldiers couldn’t help but smirk.

I smacked my lips a few times, over-dramatized for effect. ‘I’m parched, let’s see what we can do about some fresh water.’

They cheered to oblige.

PERSONAL LOG ENTRY 213-B S.H.A.R.P. Agent Sebastian O’Connor ETC (designation ‘ALDEBARAN’) Quinmont 5

At that point, I began to assign duties. The skinny, shifty soldier with ice-blue eyes named Daniel Hodges, my most experienced and confident engineer Ethan Sparks, and Spence would accompany me south to the pond. The remainder of the crew would remain at base. I gave Mimi authority over the scientist/engineer elements, and left the soldiers to handle their own structure. The barrel-chested mammoth of a man with a thick brown beard appeared to be their commander. His light machine-gun hung loosely in his hands, like a child’s toy. From what I’ve seen, he is quiet, serious, and imposing; still the other soldiers act on his whims almost instinctively, definitely a commander of men. I have yet to learn his name but he is a dutiful soul, that much is clear.

The four of us left base headed south in our A.T.O.M. transport, towards the reservoirs we had viewed from orbit. Weather was a temperate 82°F, with little cloud cover but a sticky level of humidity hovering just above 70%. Small, curious reptiles like feather-less chickens raced alongside the truck. Occasionally, they ran in front of the truck and their lives ended in a squeak under the machine’s heavy treads. I laughed uncontrollably each time. Spence gave me a disdainful look. ‘Loosen up you old hard-ass! Enjoy the little things!’ I had shouted over the roar of the engine. He scoffed at me. I laughed harder.

PERSONAL LOG ENTRY 214-B S.H.A.R.P. Agent Sebastian O’Connor ETC [designation ‘ALDEBARAN’] Quinmont 5

When we finally reached the pond, there were more challenging beasts than the prancing road kill we encountered on the journey. Armored giants, quadruped tanks of an unfamiliar variety were munching vegetation on the opposite shore. They looked up to register us as a non-threat, before turning back to their pruning. Spence grinned at me like he’d won a bet. ‘Try and run that over O’Connor,’ he said.

I regarded him with a big smile before responding. ‘Oh you are such a downer old man. Sparks! Get me water and soil samples! And tell me what we’re dealing with here!’

‘Right away sir.’ He scooped a hefty lump of soft dirt from the shore and deposited in the back of the A.T.O.M. I imagine I was eyeing him quite quizzically. ‘Soil sample taken sir,’ he said with a grin.

‘Very good Sparks. Hodges, hold fire. I don’t want you spooking those armored bovines.’

He eyed the beasts across the pond with a focused stare. ‘You’ll hear no complaint from me,’ he replied quietly.

About ten minutes later Sparks gave me his report; it was unfortunate news.

‘Problems are commander, one: digging trenches for the tubing will take hundreds of man hours, and two: we don’t have near enough tubing.’

‘We’ll have to jury-rig it. Dig a shallow trench, then we’ll install a wooden aqueduct until resources can be acquired and construction scheduled.’

The answer did not suit him. ‘Yes sir,’ he responded flatly.

‘Cheer up my friend, we’ll work in shifts, and I’m pretty good with a spade myself. This is vital work.’

‘I understand sir,’ he responded smartly. ‘I’d be honored to take the first shift.’

‘That’s the spirit, consider it yours.’

After the pep-talk with Sparks, I left him to start drawing up plans for the aqueduct with Hodges as protection should more aggressive beasts show and delay the project. Spence and I drove back to base. On arrival, I was exhausted. After explaining the situation to the base crew and scheduling the work shifts, I was absolutely bushed. I retired to my room, searched for the rum I’d smuggled with me. And here I sit drinking it. Tomorrow’s a new day. O’Connor signing off.

First two weeks on Aldebaran

Burt Maxwell

Quinmont 4 (day 1 on planet) Decided to take a trip up to the forest and found a nasty spider. After Sybil sliced in clean in two we decided to get on to cutting wood. After we found the cut wood was bleeding we decided to head back to camp and have the medic look at it. He found that it was quite useful as a water soluble band-aid per say. After we found this out we set out for more wood, but being the geek that I am I turned back to work on my robots sensors.

Quinmont 5 (day 2 on planet) Started off with sending the people off to collect some lumber, worked on robot till dusk. Around dusk I decided to scan the ground for minerals, and found that I had crumbly granite below my feet.

Quinmont 6 (day 3 on planet) Took a trip to the crater today and found some sort of crystal, will have to take it back to base to see what it is. On the way here we found some strange looking lizard cows. Once we returned it was off to travel around the base to see what wildlife we can find. We were able to get us a tiny dinosaur, will take back to base to analyze. While we were out the men were able to gather some more lumber and the others started building a warehouse.

Quinmont 7 (Day 4 on planet) Took a trip to the sea today to collect water. Found some crabs. Collected water. Fed lizard. Built more warehouse.

Quinmont 8 (Day 5 on planet) Almost finished working on warehouse, found a pond to pipe water to base. Did some work on the robots sensors and we need to find something to do with this lizard in the storage room. Need to dig a trench to the pond so pipe will not freeze.

Quinmont 9 (Day 6 on planet) Spent some time with our captive lizard, and found that it isn’t hostile and eats more than I feel it’s worth to keep it. So I released the lizard and cleaned up the storage room. The digging team made it about 1.5 miles today and setup the pump to the pond. Had a crab dinner and made no progress on the robot.

Quinmont 10 (day 7 on planet) Frank and I decided to move the wood into the warehouse, and the team finished the pipeline. We now have running water and less stench.

Quinmont 11 (day 8 on planet) Traveled to crater and collected rocks, while there found a giant scorpion that was half eaten. Had the builders draw up a design for a concrete plant. Also had the robot do sweeps of the area outside of the base hoping to find some sort of nearby alloys. To my displeasure he found no such thing. Had an end of week meeting and discussed priorities, need to travel more into crater, crab traps, better building materials, and finally more exploration on the sea and maybe some crab traps.

Quinmont 12 (day 9 on planet) Took a walk to check on the pump and found some humanoid things that were pretty short and far away and were holding clubs. They didn’t seem hostile so we continued our walk and called it in to Clarissa to keep an eye out for them and not to engage unless engaged. Looked around the area around the pump and found that when winter ends we should have quite a bit of wildlife to research and hopefully forage. Also sent the people to work on the concrete plant, and some people to collect wood and sent Frank with them to try and collect the sap for research. The geologist stayed at the base and found nothing on the crystals.

Quinmont 13 (day 10 on planet) Same people building, gathering wood, but changed Brian for Sybil. Sent Briand and Issac on the pump trail to check on things and try and track for any more of the humanoids. I stayed at base and built some crab traps for dinner. Geologist found the crystals mixed with Iron would create a nice alloy of steel.

Quinmont 14 (day 11 on planet) Boring day. Set up traps, sent robot to survey the crater since he can fly. People gathered wood, built more concrete plant and I made another 4 crab traps. Scout and Issac found were the humanoid boats were landing at.

Quinmont 15 (day 12 on planet) Another boring day. Decided to draw up design for a fishing boat. Sent everyone else to do the same things they have been doing. Got 22 crabs, and robot picked up a crystal and found that the desert would be the best place to quarry for rock for the concrete.

Quinmont 16 (day 13 on planet) Found one crab trap missing, taken by the humanoids. Robot found a crystal and brought it back. Medic made some more salve stuff, and asked for us to go fight shit for some meat or something. And we worked on the boat and the plant for today, nothing really interesting.

Quinmont 17 (day 14 on planet) Sent few people on a hunt and they ran into some scrats and killed 2 and captured one of them. Continued construction on boat and on concrete facility. Cooking Scrat and Crab for dinner.

Quinmont 18 (day 15 on planet) Sent Issac, Sybil, Danny, and Frank out to collect some rocks with some TNT. Almost finished the boat and was attacked by Scrats, finished one of them off, but the other got away. Made some progress on the plant, need to finish it soon so I can start on a barracks. Also robot was surveying the crater basin and found that there are WAY more of the crystals inside the crater than outside.

Quinmont 19 (day 16 on planet) Finished both the plant and the boat. Sent the military personnel to gather some rock and were attacked by spiders. They dispatched the spiders with no damage to themselves, and were able to collect some rock for the barracks.

Quinmont 20 (day 17 on planet) Woke up sick as all hell, and decided to take a day off. Had the crew make some blocks and build the crane I had Cynthia and Leon work on the previous day. Will try and get better to work on the mecha soon. Also sent robot to craters center to try and find the meteorite that impacted there.

Tornado Fucking Alley

50XX entry 36

After we received our orders me and Toby went out on one last night out, Toby spent most of the night with a drulltaren hooker who I could swear was a guy hahaha but on a lighter note it always seems booze tastes better before you know there will be no liquor for months. Toby left around 11 from the bar I can think of where…… Ok never mind not thinking of that lol oh man let’s hope he realizes the truth early. I had one more drink then headed home; couldn’t get an ounce of sleep so I spent the night unpacking and repacking my bags also went to the store and bought a little more dope for the trip.

50XX entry 38

days into the flight I’ve noticed a lot of restlessness among my men so I called a meeting before we went into jump space sleep. With the meeting in place I put my foot down to my rules and regs but after that was a little training and what not. I visited the pilot to check on the status and got an all clear. before sleep I called each man into my quarters to talk about each and everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. after a final word with the men I head to my chamber to get some rest.

50XX entry 39

Wake up came way to early, wish I could of spent a little more time in the tube, we just left jump space and this new planets was closing in the pilot informed me to wake up the crew. all of the tubes opened well except for Floyd his pod was jammed so a quick swift kick to the controls and shazam open sesame. all the crew geared up and got strapped in as the pilot informed us of 3 minutes till land time I’m hella surprised at the ease this is going.

50XX entry 41

after landing and setting up base camp we finally get some R and R and loe and behold we have a fucking tornado fuck my life who knew we set up shop on this planets tornado alley. While we are holed up in the building I have time to update this damned addiction to my stable mind HAHAHAHA stable mind oh man I crack myself up. So the first day I sat down with all the troops and tested their weapon knowledge to apply one more person access to the arms room and after a couple hours, Moshi was chosen. so on the drop date when I mentioned all was going well the fucking pilot dropped one of our crates into the giant river to the south east and of course that crate was some of the supplies we needed but oh well with all the surveying we have been doing. the finding we’ve found was a bit of the relief the forage and environment isn’t toxic and some of it is edible.

50XX Entry 42

Day three and things are progressing great, the water pump is about 75% complete and the garage is underway I’ve sent the scientist out again to research the surroundings. While checking in on our tower guard I noticed a ship crash landing to the north west and had Toby start monitoring transmissions from around the planet when we came across a transmission from a USF colony who landed here the same time we did offering help to all who want to receive it . We sent a response back and are still waiting to receive an answer.

50XX Entry 45

Weeks end and we surveyed the crashed ship and scavenged what we could but the ship is about 200 meters into the water so there isn’t much we can do now. We’ve caught one of the creatures that roam the plains, we’ve tagged it and set it free and continue to track it, also we’ve come across what we think are indigenous life here in this planet they are about 3 to 4 feet tall and seem to harvest off the land we tried to communicate but ended in them fleeing. the water pump is finished and we are all thankful to get the smell out of the base lol also USF sent back an acknowledgment to our transmission it will be good to receive aid and have others with us on this rock. Only time will tell of what is to come we are finally settling in to what we have so here goes a colony of our own for the price of research and global trade for the chrysalis corp.

Desert Fiasco

50XX ENTRY ONE: 2237
Our first day on this god forsaken training mission we got our command center set up and a few of our side building being set up. So far this barren desert shows nothing special in my book my second in command Tobi has proven to be a reliable asset in dealing with the rest of the team, we have the rest of the security detail working on shifts in the tower few complaints but I’ve taken care of them. Nothing to report yet so this will end my first entry god hopes this month moves quick.

50XX ENTRY SIX: 1518
After we have done a few search’s around the area we came across a small group of chem. dogs nothing to big just a couple pups but were there are the pups there is normally a mommy somewhere no sign but around somewhere we have also located a small mine to the north were a few of our engineers have moved out day by day to mine for minerals, one of our scientist have found trace of several resources which our vital for mission. We have set up three small workshops for our workers to convert a lot of out raw minerals to usable materials. Our security team is getting restless and it’s only been a week fucking newbie’s I hate them all one day soon hopefully we will pop there cherries.

One of our searches has come up with tracks of other humans we didn’t know if they were friendly or bullet sponges for our grunts. Lo and behold that night we were engaged by bandits at night trying to steal our materials we managed to take out a couple of them before they ran off we’ve up security since then and are now taking things a little more seriously.

We were attacked again tonight this time they managed to sabotage one of our trucks out mechanical engineers managed to jimmy rig it back up there starting to get more and more ballsy when it comes to their raids they almost made off with a load of our silver and charcoal but again our tower is some damn good shots racking up kills earlier today though we got a call from the camp at the mine saying they noticed some new movement on the mountain about them me and Tobi made our way up the mine were I took a nice pop shot at his leg blowing it clean off by now it’s clear were not the only ones here and they have a reasonable force to deal with.

We decided last night we needed to take the fight to them just so we can complete our fucking mission so me and three of our able men took our truck to the last place we haven’t looked the hills to the west were upon survey we noticed a small encampment not seeing any enemies we decided to move up it just sucks that two of our men are in the med center for wounds from the past encounter. We moved up to a hill of dirt unnoticed.

That was a stupid move on my part to try and start a journal on a mission but man was it a fun mission we noticed a sentry on the hill were one of gunmen took him out alerting the rest of those fuckers now the fun begins we were sorta surrounded but a few dead bodies and one grenades sent them packing we must of took out at least six before they started to move I managed to lob a grenade into the back of their truck but the quick fuckers managed to get it back out of the truck but not soon enough the blast took out from what I can tell was I say two more and wounding the other three in the back. After they ran off with their poor ass tails between their legs we swept the camp coming to find two scientist’s who were there no more than a month before us letting us know that the mine was the only source of minerals in this desert so with the bandits gone and all other threats gone we can finally complete our mission.

With the bandits dealt with me and some of the guys decided to make one more drive around the area after noticing a small group of chem. Dogs heading to what looked like a small clearing into one of the mountains so we loaded up and headed out to see what we could find we pulled up to what looked like a small cave or den then we slowly approached making our way into the cave we heard the little fuckers and one that sounded like the mommy so as we slowly moved about piles of bones and flesh one of the little fucker jumped out and bit my leg alerting the rest so I shoved my rifle to his head and blew it brains out then one of my men took a leap of faith and lobbed a grenade at the rest of the group making there way towards us taking them all out except the mom who was hurt pretty bad from what we could see so I aimed and blew her brains out at well and then after they we were done we inspected the cave to find a bunch of chem. eggs and headed back to base to finish up this month in six days.

The mine is all but cleaned out we managed to heal all workers and soldiers so that gave us the extra man power to pack up and finish cleaning up so all the materials have been converted, me and the men are ready to get the fuck out of here I could use a nice joint and go sweet piece of ass. As I promised all my men for taking out the bandits and completing the mission I promised them the first couple rounds on me so my next entry should be my last.

After debriefing the director and unpacking me and the boys hit up bar on a well deserved 3 day pass waiting for our next briefing. DAY TWO- Man I do not remember last night but waking up next to a sweet sweet Cortulla my god I sure had a good night lighting up my first one of the day I eat breakfast and get ready for a day with Tobi, with both of us pretty much having no family he’s the only one to keep me on my toes so while we were enjoying our lunch when a important sit rep came into our chips me and Tobi got to go bags and headed to hear the director.


Issac thought I was not worthy of his companionship, so he sent me to a backwater desert world to get plans for a thruster that was stolen. I got there and dropped in through a ventilation shaft all stealth like.
Once inside I found a security guard eyeing the cameras through the monitor, so I creeped behind him and failed my assassination attempt. No one seemed to notice though, because I found no resistance. After dispatching the guard I hacked the computer and unlocked a door and disconnected the cameras and a motion sensor. I left the room and traveled down a hall to a large room where I found another guard whom I shot and killed with little resistance. I traveled down to another hall where I found the data for a tranquilizer formula, and turned around to find another guard who got me pretty good. After a bout ending with pain, a dead robot, and dead guard. I found the data for the thrusters and decided to look around for some more loot. Instead of loot I found myself a prisoner with a neural scrambler on her head. I took the scrambler off and found her name was Sybil Hyde, and we were off to the hanger wherer I found a large mecha. I climbed in and we made it out, and I got me some mecha parts.

Suspicious involvement [AGENDA]
Sebastian O'Connor

Ongoing suspicion regarding Sebastian O’Connor
Report conducted by: [CLASSIFIED]- USF Infocyte

Recently, Officer Christopher Spence filed a report to Haellian authorities in regards to the tracking of a suspected serial killer. In Spence’s report, he identifies O’Connor as a ‘private informant’ with whom he has worked with in the past. He also claims in the report that O’Connor is incredibly bright, with a calculating instinct bordering on ‘precognition’.

The duo tracked the suspect to an abandoned warehouse by means currently unknown to the USF, but Spence’s description of the scene was mortifying. Apparently, the serial killer was targeting victims with a rare genetic mutation, the details of which are classified, and experimenting on them in ways that would better be described as torture.

When the two attempted to apprehend the perpetrator, O’Connor attempted to talk him down, offering him a chance to come peacefully, but the suspect had no intention of going quietly. Instead he fought to the bitter end. In the report, Spence claims ‘[He] knew we were coming …’ By what means the suspect knew of their immanent arrival has yet to be discovered.

A savage firefight broke out in the abandoned warehouse, with O’Connor and Spence both taking injuries from a weapon which was never recovered. Spence claimed that the weapon was electrical, though it was either too small to see, or it’s discharge was too bright to recognize it’s shape. The weapon used is listed in the report as ‘Not Recovered’.

The fight ended when O’Connor saw the perpetrator attempting to flee up a ladder, and placed a shot in his spinal column. Spence stated that the criminal was dead before he hit the ground. The body of the killer was taken in for an autopsy, but the manner in which he died remains open to discussion, as it was ruled that the perpetrator did not die from a gunshot wound, but something else entirely that has, of course, been deemed classified.

S.H.A.R.P. has classified the case as ‘Primary Level Intelligence’, which is the highest encryption level in regards to classification.


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