Welcome to Aldebaran IV!

Efficient Faster Than Light travel has just been developed and the galaxy is your pearl. The first habitable planet discovered with this new technology, the 4th planet in the Aldebaran system, is the most earth like planet ever discovered. You have been chosen as the leader of the team to colonize the planet.

Equipment and materials can be bought from your home world but everything else needs to be made in your base on the planet. You will have a limited number of recruits and a cohort that make up your colonization team. You will need to manage what they do to ensure the safety and productivity of your camp.

Your initial landing party will include a security team, an engineering team, and a science team. You will also have a choice of who your second in command will be. Lastly you will have to choose your supplies for the initial landing and the followup ship that will arrive a month later.

The Teams

The Leviathan Corporation
Team Horizon
The Misfits
Expansion, Logistics, and Intelligence


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